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We Help Entrepreneurs Get Leads And Sales On Demand While Working Half As Much

We are a sales funnel agency that have worked with coaches, consultants, authors, inventors, course creators, and other high-level entrepreneurs to achieve 6 figures months. 

If you are ready to increase your profit per prospect and generate more leads and income than you have in the past... Book your FREE strategy session today!

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We Create High Performing Sales Funnels That Convert

As funnel experts we work with you to create the best possible strategy for your success. Any business owner can be successful using funnels, however, the strategy may be different depending on your business. Let us help you get the results you desire without all of the hassle and tedious work.

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DIY Beginner's Guide

We Help You Get Clarity And A Headstart On Entrepreneurship

If you are just starting out or maybe have been doing it for some time and still feel like you lack clarity. This is the blueprint you want. It gives you everything you need when growing your business such as: a lead magnet template, video sales script templates, email templates, the perfect ideal client, and MUCH more. And you can get it all without breaking the bank. So, what are you waiting for?

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Social Ads Management

We Help You Develop Amazing Attention Grabbing Ads

Facebook, Instagram, Google and even YouTube are platforms that allow you to get your brand in front of millions of people! People have short attention spans, so you have to HOOK them, HOLD them, and let them know how you can HELP.

There are various strategies and secrets to figure out what is working best in the current market and we have cracked the code. Work with experts who know what they are doing so you can focus on your zone of genius.

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But Hey, Don't Take Our Word For It!

See what others with different online businesses are saying...

"I made $5,000 in 1 day!"

"See when I first started with JL, I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't even know what funnels were... JL walked me through how to identify my ideal customer and he built my funnel for me. 1 month later I made $5,000 in one day! "

Shamara "Star" Cox, Content Creator

"I've been able to earn over $68,500!"

"Because of his amazing brilliance I have been able to earn over $68,500 in just 2 challenges. Based on him setting up my landing page, my funnels, and my follow ups. My life is so simple all I have to do is sit back and watch things happen automatedly." 

Rick "The Wealth Coach" Williams, Wealth Coach

"My experience was absolutely amazing!"

She was able to make over $200,000 in just 3 months working with our team. Kim was motivated and was very coachable.

Kim Perrymond, Event Planner

JaRon Walters aka JL The Genius was born to be an entrepreneur since a youth. He became an inventor and quickly learned that he needed to develop some marketing skills. After meeting a few mentors they told him having a good idea was "not enough" so he went on his marketing journey and has helped clients accumulate over $1M in revenue so far!

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you are excited to work with us, just as we are with you. However, you may still have some questions that you need answered. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

+ Q: What platform will you be building my funnel on?

A: We typically use Groovefunnels to build out funnels. However, we have some clients who prefer to use Clickfunnels and High Level as well.

+ Q: Do you provide the copywriting for the funnels?

A: Yes. Copywriting is included with our funnels which is why we have a sit down with you to understand who you are targeting and what your message is.

+ Q: Can your funnel agency help me get more clients?

A: Our job is to help you get more clients and set you up with a profitable business structure. We will share all of the strategies we have learned over the years to get you in front of people who want you more than you want them.

+ Q: Can your funnel agency help me make more money?

A: Yes, we will help you make more money in your business. Our guarantee is that you make at least 3X what you invested or we work with you until you do.

+ Q: Do you help increase my conversion rate?

A: Yes. One of our major focuses is to increase conversion rates, which can be an experimental process. But we are great at what we do.

+ Q: How long does the funnel process take?

A: We tend to have client's funnels up and running within 30 days, however, it may vary depending on what you want done.

+ Q: Can you help make my current funnel better?

A: Yes. We are a funnel agency so if there is a problem with your funnel we will analyze the issue and help you stop the leaks.

+ Q: What's the difference between a funnel and a website?

A: A funnel is like a website on steroids, it keeps prospects focused on one thing at a time. A funnel also increases potential profit per prospect.

+ Q: Is advertising included with the funnel services?

A: Although advertising is one of our services, adding it to a funnel package is optional for additional fees.

+ Q: Will a funnel work for my business?

A: Yes. Funnels work for every type of business.

+ Q: What other services do you provide?

A: Our services include: funnel building, online advertising, coaching, offer development, automation marketing, and ideal customer creation.

+ Q: What's the next step?

A: Your next step would be to schedule a call with one of our team members and see if we are a good fit to work together. We do not work with everyone.

Building your legacy the right way. 

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